Forensic data acqisition of electronics data

We can perform forensic data acquisition from computers, smart phones, portable hard drives, USB drives, servers, SAN/NAS systems, cloud devices etc.

Encryption and password recovery

We can creack paswords to windows machines, and Microsoft office documents as needed.

Data processing and deduplication

We use standard e-discovery processing software for all major user generated data types. Deduplication involves eliminating duplicates copies of the same document, which is a standard e-discovery process.

Recovery of hidden and deleted data

We can recover deleted documents from existing and lost partitions on all types of operating systems. We also deal with damaged hard drives.

Internet activity and history analysis

A lot of user activity information is stored on the computer/device itself in special files. We recover this user activity info to answer pertinent questions about who did what when.

Data conversion from proprietory formats

We can convert documents from esoteric formats to more accessible document types. For example pdf to excel, Mbox to PST, chat log to emails, sqlite database to MS Access etc.

Extraction of data from proprietory financial and accounting software

We can extract data from complex ERP systems like SAP, Oracle Financials and smaller ones like Tally ERP into accessible format for investigators. Our combination of accounting knowhow and technical skills helps us deal with such systems effectively.

Website and social media preservation

We have developed proprietory a web based distributed computing platform for web data mining. We have customised scripts developed for different types of web technologies and popular social media websites. .

Targeted document searches

We help our clients index unstructured and structured information for running targeted searches using proprietory software. We can help in formulating multi-level, complex, fuzzy, explorative search operations for our client's specific needs.

Join Our Team

We regularly work with both hardware and software, hence we prefer to hire electronics engineers as our team members.

We are looking for candidates who are willing to travel to remote places and support our client's during live incidences. They should have aptitude for ad-hoc scripting for data analytics as they might be called in by clients to do data analytics on the spot as and when needed.

When not working on client projects, the engineer is expected to contribute towards R&D projects which we work on in-house. The nature of R&D work can involveanything from embedded hardware to python scripting.

If you find about job profile interesting, please send us your resume at